Saturday, July 11, 2015

When Does The Moon Sleep?

All around the world, as sunlight fades away to the night, children find themselves falling asleep to blissful dreams of unicorns and kittens, sailing golden ships and flying with superheroes. The little ones crawl into their beds and take comfort in the rest that they are about to receive. And up above, ever vigilant as always, floats the moon. Never faltering or leaving its post, merely drawing the curtains back from time to time. There it shines endlessly, protecting the sleeping masses from that which lurks in the darkness.

Yet... when does the moon sleep?

One night a long time ago, the moon decided it needed a moment to rest. For eons, the moon had shone its bright light upon all the little children of the world. Yet, the moon had grown tired. It need some sort of break if it was going to continue shining. Therefore, it decided to take a night off. As the last rays of the sun slipped behind the horizon, the darkness crept in. Wrapping itself around houses and trees, through fences and over streets, the empty gloom took hold. Without the protection of the moon, there was nothing to keep the darkness from spreading. As the moon rested, boys and girls from all around the world experienced what it meant to be afraid. They clutched their blankets and pulled them over their heads, hoping the monsters and fiends would stay away.

As the darkness took hold of the night, the trembling little children finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

When the children awoke in the morning, they realized just how important the moon was. It's opalescent gaze protected everyone from the creeping darkness. Yet, where had the moon gone? They cried out to the sky...

"Moon! Moon! Please come back. We miss you! We need you!"

The moon, hearing the cries of the children below, calmed their fears and said...

"I'm here, my friends. I just needed one night to rest, but I never left you alone."

As the children came to understand that their friend the moon was always there, they truly appreciated what the orb of light and peace does for them. The children cried back...

"You protect us every night, but even the moon needs to sleep. We can brave the darkness for one night!"

With that, the children and the moon came to an understanding. For one night a month, the moon would sleep. On that, the darkest night of all, the children would be brave warriors, fending off the creatures in the pitch black. For the rest of the month, the moon would be there in the sky, a visible guardian to all. The moon and the children of Earth are linked in this agreement, forever helping each other in their time of need.

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