Saturday, March 22, 2014

Merge with the universe.

Hovering in open space, surrounded by glowing ribbons of cherry red, plum and teal; I take one look down. And I fall...

This is the beginning of a reoccurring dream (both day and night) that I've had for as long as I can remember. It doesn't take place on a building, or even on this planet. Instead, I'm free-floating in the universe. There's no one else around; I am alone.

I find myself looking around at all the universe has to offer. The infinite colors and shimmering stars are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. As I begin to fall (though you technically can't fall in space, but you understand what I mean), I steadily pick up speed. The galaxies of vibrant light begin to twist and morph. Faster, faster, faster - I go forwards with voracious velocity. My fingers reach out and cause the stardust to ripple. Eventually, my trip seems to enter a tunnel. Colors and shapes have lost their meaning; everything is a blur. My body feels lighter and less dense. I can feel my own body... my essence... begin to merge with the universe.




At this point, I feel as if I'm not moving at all. My speed has become so rapid that it's as if I'm floating at a standstill. My body doesn't seem to be present. The universe and I have become one. I can look at myself, but there's nothing there. All the while, I still don't know exactly where I was traveling to.

And that's where the dream ends.

I've had this dream while riding on a school bus, sitting in a doctor's office, driving a car, watching television, swimming in a pool, etc. The list of places I've had this day dream is lengthy. If you ever see me in person and I'm staring away blankly, then you can assume I'm probably in this dream.

My dream of journeying through space is always the same. I never find out where I was traveling to, much to my disappointment. As of late, I've been experiencing this dream quite a bit. At times, I can activate the dream depending on my mood. More often than not, the vision just happens.

The strange part? The older I get, the more this feels like a memory and less like a dream. With certainty, I've been there before at some point in my existence.

I believe this vision relates to my personal transhumanist ideology. My aim is to "upgrade" my body through technological means. You may scoff and say that's nonsense (or at the very least improbable), but I'm very serious. One day, I hope to actually take this trip and see where I wind up.