Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hello everyone. How are you?

If you've followed this blog long enough, then you've seen the progress I've made in improving myself, both in mind and body. I began this journey in a very dark place -- a condition I would wish upon no man. Over the course of this journey, I came to let go of my anger. I've been able to work through my issues in a very public way. You, my audience, have played just as much a role in my recovery as I have. Reading this blog is a method to which I must be accountable for my feelings and thoughts. Putting these thoughts into words is no small accomplishment. It keeps me honest, to say the least.

That being said, long time readers will also know that I'm not the man I once was. I'm simply not filled with deep-seeded anger any longer. A transformation has taken place.

From this point forward, I'll be making changes to this blog. Gone away will be the drab design and singular focus on my internal thoughts. That's not to say my personal blogs will disappear -- I will still write about my feelings when I feel the need to do so. But what you will see is an increased output of blogs concerning things I like. I want to write about my life -- my interests, hobbies, travels, adventures and so forth. For example, you will see blogs concerning (but not limited to)...
  • Cinema Reviews - My take on classic films, as well as the occasional modern picture show. I also really dig monster movies and cult movies.
  • Hobby Talk - If you know me well enough, then you're quite aware that I'm a toy and video game collector. I might want to review a particular Transformer or classic Nintendo game. The occasional blog about comics or art may also appear.
  • Travel Updates - When I go places, both near and far, I want you to go along with me (in your imagination of course... unless you're buying the train ticket).
  • Internet Culture - I was around when the Internet was just a wee virtual baby. I've seen it all in Cyberspace... and I like to talk about it.
  • The Writing Process - Believe it or not, I do a fair share of writing behind the scenes that never gets read by the public. Perhaps I'll start to pull that curtain back.
You get the idea, right? I'm a Jack-Of-All-Trades by nature... and my interests reflect that. In all sincerity, I want to continue this blog. It must reflect who I am and what I enjoy in life. I won't remove any of my older blogs. They reflect where I came from and are vital to my current well-being. I accept my past, but cherish my future.

What will this blog not reflect from here forward? Anger.

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