Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Specter at Our Door.

While sitting in my office today, a thought occurred to me.

It’s the year 2020…
  • A lethal bio-weapon is plaguing mankind thanks to the Chinese government.
  • Men can be women and women can be men.
  • Mega-corporations are actively spying on us through our phones.
  • Governments around the globe are cracking down on free speech and policing our thoughts.
  • A sizable portion of the American populace wants to institute communism.
  • We’re now eating simulated meat products.
  • Being a proud patriot now makes you a bigot.
  • The news media are the last people you want to trust for factual news.
  • We can talk to our dead relatives in virtual reality.
  • Most Americans are overweight or obese.
  • Politicians are openly buying votes.
  • Post-modernism has rendered objectivity obsolete.
  • We don’t have flying cars, matter transporters, or hyperspace drives.
  • Men are competing with women in athletic competitions and utterly destroying them.
  • Deep-fake technology can recreate any person ever on video, dead or alive, and you can’t tell the difference.
What the hell happened to us?

You would think that we’d be much farther along in our advancement as a species. Instead, we’re collectively staring down the barrel of a shotgun and about to blow our brains out.

The Specter is at our door. Knock… knock… knock… He wants in. He knows we’re about to end it all. Collapse is imminent. We’re preparing to take the big sleep.

How can we ever hope to come back from this dystopian nightmare?

It would be mighty egotistical of me to claim to have all the answers. I don’t believe anyone does. Walking to the proverbial edge of this societal cliff wasn’t done in a day. We’ve been stepping closer and closer to the edge for decades. A step here; a step there. It’s been a gradual state of decay, one mistake at a time. You can’t notice it in the short term; it’s too incremental. When you have decades of life experience, the changes become more noticeable though. We lost ourselves along the way. We gave too much ground to the dissidents, the degenerates, and the detractors.

We stopped having the courage to say “no” when we needed to put our foot down.

If we’re going to turn the Specter away, we must take measures to right the ship. Correcting the missteps we made along the way starts with acknowledgement. If we can’t recognize that we’ve screwed up, then we can’t begin to remedy anything. I believe that’s where we start – with the objective assessment of the damage done in our own lives. I would ask each of us to earnestly consider this topic, then ponder where to go from there. The only way off the edge is for each of us to start stepping in the opposite direction.

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