Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The game is afoot!

I received an interesting package in the mail today. I don't remember ordering anything, so I'm not sure as to where it came from. Time to call in one of the greatest minds our world has ever known... LEGO SHERLOCK HOLMES!

"Greetings and salutations!"

Immediately, Lego Sherlock Holmes goes to work.

"Let me employ my magnifying glass here."

"Ah, yes... there we are. Thanks for the scissor assist Watson... er I mean Jared."

"Oh my stars and garters! This is worse than I suspected."

"The horrors found with this tome. How dreadful!"
"Let us close this treacherous volume and never speak of this Ba-rack O-ba-ma again."

These sarcastic photos were taken in jest, of course. I find it highly silly that someone out there (likely a reader of this very blog) found it necessary to spend money and send me a book about the "E-V-I-L" Barack Obama and his villainous "Commie" friends. Come now, have we not left the Commie Pinko Cold War era of the 1980's behind us? Are you still so scared of the invading Red Army that you leave your G. Gordon Liddy nightlight on in the dark? Did you honestly think this would frighten me? Better yet... did you think this would upset me? Let alone, you obviously don't know very much about me. I voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2012 Presidential Election and not Obama. I have liberal social views, but middle-ground economic views. I'm not some "Commie Pinko" as you may believe (as if the Commie Pinkos were ever anything more than propaganda bogeymen)"

In fact... this is quite funny. Of course, the anonymous sender probably wants to remain unknown. My friend, don't you know that no good deed goes unpunished? When I determine your name, I will publicly state it. Then again, you could just stand up and reveal yourself. Thereby, you'd avoid the cloud of cowardice. If you have something to say to me, then say it like a man (or woman if you're missing testicles).

"I will find you..."

"... and I will reveal your identity to the world."


  1. I must say thank you for the humor you added to such a strange occurrence... I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Lego Sherlock Holmes!!

  2. The least I can do in response to someone screwing with me is have some fun with it! Mr. Lego Sherlock Holmes has a lot of other Lego buddies. I'll have to bring some along for the next blog post.