Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mixed bag.

I've had a lot of different topics swirling around my head this past month. I figured it best to just throw it all out there and see what would come of it. These are actually some fairly external, topical and mostly tame notes. Essentially... just silly little things I want to talk about.

Whether you know it or not, I really dig small die-cast cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox. As I've become more acquainted with the online collector community, I've come to realize that I tend to appreciate the types of vehicles most collectors avoid. This type is generally referred to as the "fantasy" or "unlicensed" segment. These are castings that focus on imaginative and creative designs which don't rely upon real cars for inspiration. Here's a photo of my absolute favorite casting - Vampyra.

As you can see, it's a dragon / vampire bat creature on wheels. What's not to love? The first edition release was in purple, which is my favorite color. It's seen probably a dozen different releases since 1986. That being said, most "serious" collectors (as they like to call themselves) feel fantasy cars are for kids. Why? Because they're creative and took some imagination to craft? Or because they might have bright colors? Give me a break. When it comes to die-cast vehicles, I say the more creativity, the better!

What's the deal with people whom blast really loud music out of their rundown cars with poor-quality speakers? Do they realize that their sound quality is one notch below orchestrated leaf blowers? Or does the illusion of coolness alter their senses? I just don't get it. If you're going to play your car stereo really loud, make sure your speakers can provide superb audio clarity.

How come geeks and nerds usually fail to clip their fingernails on a regular basis?

Do they just not notice the layer of black grime that rests below their claws? In my line of work, I encounter man-children on the regular whom have longer fingernails than some women I know. Here's a tip - spend a buck, buy some clippers and cut down those dirt diggers. The first step to finding a girlfriend and escaping that basement you call a "man" cave is good hygiene. While you're at it, wash with some soap.

On a related note... can you hipster ladies quit with the pretentious nerd/geek love? You don't love nerds/geeks. You love the IDEA of loving nerds/geeks. In reality, you're just infatuated with the charming actor whom portrays your latest object of affection(s). Doctor Who... Supernatural... Sherlock... I could go on and on. Or you're just loving the attention from a highly susceptible group of men, whichever. Many of you ladies genuinely appreciate these various programs and I'm cool with that. Equal Opportunity is my middle name. Yet... droves of you (and you know who you are) are just in it for the glory and attention. Move on to some other segment of the population, would you? You're giving these pathetic social rejects known as nerds/geeks a false sense of security. They can't have you. They never will have you. Stop teasing them, would you?

Should have left the condoms at home, boys.

On an even further related note... nerds/geeks really annoy the piss out of me. You live in this impenetrable bubble of fantasy that makes you unbearable to be around. Believe it or not, you CAN enjoy a particular television show, film series or comic and not come off as a total social ignoramus. You're giving those of us fans with common sense, initiative and actual careers a bad name. Drop the fake Sonic Screwdriver, bathe your funky ass, put on a tie, get a job and grow up.

Ever notice how the same people that like modern country music also tend to like modern rap music? Is it because they both sound like flatulent gutter sludge? There seems to be a merging between the two modern music styles, with little difference between them (short of a different set of processed electronic sounds). Let's remember folks...


Congress currently has an approval rating of 9% (Gallup). Yet, the incumbency rate of Congress as of 2012 was at least 90% (Washington Post). We the People are solely to blame. We have the power to change our Congressmen with every new election. We keep sending the same empty suits to Congress, year after year. 


Just stop. Vote for someone else. Here's an idea - actually research the person you want to vote for. Try reading past the [D] or the [R] behind a candidate's name on the ballot sheet. Want to fix the shameful inadequacy of our Congress? GET A NEW CONGRESS!

I'm done for now. I think. Later folks!

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