Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm as sweaty as a politician taking a lie detector test. Exhausted. Pooped.

That's right... I just got done trying yoga.

Crystal suggested that we attempt a yoga video after our cardio exercises just an short while ago. Let me be perfectly clear...

Heavy people can not do yoga.

Much to Crystal's assertion that it's okay if I can't do the poses, I find the latter to be true. If you're not maintaining the pose as described, is it really yoga at all? Or are you just falling with grace?

The truly hard part though was actually calming myself and sitting in the yoga position. I had to sit in a chair ultimately because my legs would constantly fall asleep. When I'd try to calm my mind and relax, all I could do was laugh. After trying to be calm for what seemed like ten minutes (and fighting off the constant urge to laugh), I finally calmed down. Though, I think I just started to fall asleep.

I'll continue to try and do yoga because Crystal is right. I need to clear my mind and stretch my body out more. My joints are tight and I have no sense of limberness.

But damn if it isn't funny!

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