Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stomach Pains.

I've been making a hard push to reach the low-to-mid 270 lbs. range for the past week. So far, I'm on the right track. When I've weighed myself over the course of the past few mornings, I've been as low as 278. I'd like to accomplish my goal by the end of the month, so I've got to keep pushing. That being said, the manner through which I've readjusted my eating schedule has not been easy.

Up until recently, I would eat a solid breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, I eat a liquid breakfast and dinner. Only my lunch is composed of solid food. At breakfast and dinner, I'll consume a protein shake (either a strawberry or peanut butter recipe). Lunch is now my largest meal of the day; I treat it like I normally would a dinner meal. My stomach hasn't been so fond of me eating only one solid meal a day. For the first time today, I experienced true hunger pains. It felt as if caterpillars strapped with razor blades were churning through my stomach. Boy, let me tell you... I think I know how starving kids feel. Accordingly, eating only one solid meal a day has made it difficult for me to ingest a large amount of food. My stomach simply can't stretch to accommodate the load like it once could. A typical dinner-size meal I could once eat now gives me a stomach ache. As I readjust, I believe I need to reduce the amount of solid food I eat for lunch, but consume food that's higher in nutritional and caloric value.

I must reiterate -- my daily routine includes vigorous exercise. No diet plan is complete without some form of exercise, obviously. Over the course of an entire day, I net between 750 and 1100 calories with my exercise being taken into consideration.

I'm thankful to finally hit 278 lbs.; I haven't weighed this much since my freshman year of high school. That was nineteen years ago! In the short term, I'd like to reach at least 260-265 lbs. by the onset of the holiday season. Of course, trying to lose weight during the holidays is next to impossible, but I am experienced in how to maintain my weight at a steady level.

65 lbs. down... Onward to the next milestone!

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