Sunday, December 6, 2015

He Grew Up So Fast! My Brother James Is 23!

Well would you look at that! My brother James is a whole 23 years old today. My youngest brother has grown into a mighty fine man, if I do say so myself. Why, it was just yesterday (it seems) that he was a wee little boy. With a goofy laugh and bold sense of humor, he sure was a funny little kid. We seemed to do everything together. In fact, I think I'm the reason he became so interested in designing video games and listening to that evil rock n' roll music. It was like he was my own Mini Me! Bubba (a nickname he picked up as a kid from a stuffed bear of all things) has come a long way in life, but still has miles and miles of sailing ahead of him. He's super talented with a razor sharp wit to boot. Not afraid to speak his mind and live on the fringes of society in the name of righteousness, I greatly respect his sense of honor and courage. I've learned a great deal from my younger brother... and I'm sure he'll teach me even more as the years go on. We're lucky to have you in our lives James. Happy Birthday to you!

Bring on those embarrassing pictures!

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