Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Signs That You've Found A Partner For Life.

People fall in love; it's just what we do. Some of us do it over and over. A rush of adrenaline hits our brain, sending us into a whirling fervor of excitement. That sensation of eager, romantic anticipation can be highly addictive. And yet, sometimes... you will meet a person that you just know is the right one for life.

Here are five tried and tested signs that your partner is meant for a lifetime.
  • They don't mind your farts. Let's face it. The biggest hurdle two people in a relationship must get over is farting. Everyone does it -- men, women, kids, hamsters... farting is just a part of life. If your partner can deal with your farts (and vice versa you can stomach theirs without running in terror), then you've got a keeper!
  • They'll eat your leftover pudding. Sharing food is an especially big deal, at least in my opinion. If you can swallow a half-eaten cup of pudding your partner left you, then you're clearly long-term material. It takes a special bond to stomach the ingestion of food particles that have been in someone else's mouth.
  • You prefer taking showers with them instead of alone. Don't get me wrong -- a dual-occupancy shower situation always offers the potential for a good time (wink-wink), but this isn't what I'm necessarily talking about. When you reach the point that you prefer taking a shower with your partner versus alone, that's when you know they're the one. Nothing like scrubbing your hair with used shampoo from your partner's head! Or, sharing a bar of soap and washing each other's back. Ah, that's true happiness!
  • Going to sleep is harder without them. This is all a matter of personal comfort. If the person you're in a relationship with helps you fall asleep easier, that's the ultimate sign that they make you feel secure. Security in a relationship is obviously a good thing!
  • They make you a better version of yourself. It's one thing for a partner to make you happy. For them to make you a better person, though? That's the reflection of a lifetime companion. The optimum relationship isn't just filled with joy and happiness. Your partner should make improvements to your personal being -- without them, you wouldn't be as good and decent. When your partner's mere presence makes you be a better person... well, that's what love is all about.

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