Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Update On The Saturday Night Stories.

As I transition into a new year of writing fiction, I'd like to share some information with my audience. Over the past year, I've published many short stories. I wrote in numerous genres -- horror, romance, science fiction, drama. Through my journey behind this keyboard, I've explored many different plot devices and characterizations. Some of the stories turned out wonderful. Others, I didn't care for. Either way, I made sure to complete the stories and let them stand on their own, good or bad.

Ultimately, this was an exercise in preparation for my next step as a writer.

Keeping with tradition on Saturdays, I will continue to create and publish an original work of fiction. Whereas in the past these works have been short stories without much, if any, entanglement, this is all about to change. Starting next Saturday, I will begin publishing a sequential story told chapter by chapter. Hopefully, this tale will eventually become the size of a full-fledged novel. It will be my first genuine attempt at writing a larger narrative. Honestly, I'm a little frightened of the task before me, but I know that it's a step in the right direction. While I've cut my teeth on short stories, I want to craft an entire world filled with various characters that carryover, week after week. Eventually, I'd like to collect these stories into one larger book for proper print publication. My fingers are crossed.

Obviously, this means you willll have to keep up with my story if you'll want to maintain any sense of clarity. Otherwise, chapters read out of context might not make much sense. This is a hefty request, but I'd appreciate it if you joined me for the ride. Hopefully, you'll like where this adventure takes us.

Thanks again for sticking with me,


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