Saturday, March 26, 2016

Laqunah: Part V

Hultran, by any degree of measure, was not wealthy. Born to a demon mother and stone imp father, he'd worked his way through the recesses of Laqunah's Limbo Quarter as a simple messenger. Being a shard demon of impure blood, Hultran wasn't well accepted among his peers. Finding work as a messenger was one of the lowest positions available to those of his kind. One of Hultran's travels deep into the city led to a chance encounter with a professor from the Persimmon Institute. This professor, a Sir Talroy Talltale, took Hultran under his wing as an apprentice. During this period, the professor shared with him the secret art of vision card interpretation. Through a mystical perceptive ability not fully understood, Hultran gained the power to see faint shadows of the coming future via enchanted cards. These cards bore various totem sigils, each indicating a potential action or result. Talltale emphasized one simple rule, though – never was Hultran to use this knowledge to see his own fate. Abiding by that principle, Hultran purchased a run down lot at the edge of Laqunah and set up shop.

For years, Hultran had used various vision card techniques to make predictions for his clients: when love would blossom, if a bone sacrifice was going to prevent a plague, or how successful a potential necromancy harvest would be. Considered one of the best and brightest future seers in the city, Hultran had garnered a moderate but dedicated group of clients. While being a vision card reader wasn't revolutionary, it was enough to pay the bills and keep a roof over his head. For that, Hultran was quite grateful. Sir Talltale had rescued Hultran from a life of poverty and despair, whether he realized it or not. In the city of Laqunah, that was a powerful measure of gratitude that does not often come along.

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