Monday, March 7, 2016

My Conversation With A Crazy Donald Trump Supporter.

While selling two computers today (remember my Dumpster Computing article from a few weeks ago?), I met an honest-to-goodness Donald Trump supporter. Not just your average blue-collar, red-blooded American Trump supporter. Oh no! I met the conspiracy theorist, whack-job, Alex Jones listening, 9/11 Truther, I moved to Southeast Asia to find a wife Trump supporter.

Needless to say, things got interesting.

In total, I spent a good forty-five minutes talking with this person today. For the sake of anonymity, I'll refer to him as "Harry". Harry was a perfectly decent fellow. He spoke politely to me and didn't make any ill-threats. Our conversation began by him noticing the Bernie Sanders sticker on my vehicle. At first, he chided me slightly for supporting Sanders. He said he had nothing against Sanders and liked that he's not taking corporate money. Yet, the conversation quickly evolved into a discussion about his strong support for Donald Trump. I didn't necessarily mind the conversation; I greatly enjoy talking about politics. I saw an opportunity to hear the perspective of a staunch Trump supporter and took it. What I didn't expect was the following to become evident about Harry. Here were some of his talking points:
  • The 9/11 attacks were a Saudi Conspiracy allowed to happen.
  • The World Trade Center was blown up with secretly planted thermite charges.
  • Mexicans are taking American jobs by the millions.
  • More than 40-50% of Americans are unemployed.
  • Illegal aliens are voting.
  • Trump may be assassinated like JFK.
  • "5 or 6 people" control the entire planet.
  • Obama was selected to be President in 1994.
  • China is going to take over the USA.
  • George W. Bush operated a secret CIA black-ops hit squad.
Over the course of our conversation, my eyes were wide open. I was intrigued by Harry's far-out accusations and assumptions. The truth became clear...

I had encountered one of the kooky Trump supporters that everyone warns you about.

The conversation itself reflected less upon Trump as a candidate and more on the type of people that actively support his campaign for the Presidency. While there are undoubtedly sane people whom support Trump, this guy fit the negative stereotype perfectly.
  • Caucasian
  • Older
  • Lower Class (told me so)
  • Dislikes Immigrants
  • Big Gun Advocate
  • Scared of Other Countries
All in all, it was quite the comical experience. He spoke of the World Trade Center attacks being an inside job by the Saudi Arabians (of course, there was thermite planted in the WTC). Harry was emphatic that Trump could potentially be assassinated, much in the same manner as John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. He was sick and tired of Mexicans flooding into America by the tens of millions and sending money back to their families. Even worse, these illegal aliens are supposedly going to the polls and voting! I can go on and on, but you get the idea. Towards the end of our conversation, I jokingly alluded to many of his concepts being talked about on the wildly speculative Coast to Coast AM talk show. Immediately, he said...

"Yeah man! I listen to Coast to Coast! Alex Jones, too."

I wasn't shocked.

I'm glad I met Harry. He really gave me a laugh and provided me with a unique insight into a portion of Trump's support base. Though, he made sure to let me know as we parted ways...

"I'm not the only one who knows the truth. Lots of people know what I know... and we're all voting for Trump."

Somehow, I can believe it.


I'd like to reiterate my personal position on this article. In no way am I saying that Trump believes or supports what Harry told me. While I don't necessary agree with many of Trump's social policies, I also don't think negatively of him. Should the 2016 Presidential election become a race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I had to pick one, I'd definitely vote for Trump. At least he's an outsider with his own money, not beholden to any special interests. Hillary is a continuation of the status quo, bound to ruin or nation even more so than it already has been.