Friday, April 22, 2016

Cauliflower Leaves Are Edible!

I've spoken before about my love for cauliflower. It's a fantastic vegetable that's also highly nutritious. Being tasty is an added bonus. And yet, I learned something valuable this week about cauliflower that absolutely surprised me.

Did you know that you can eat the leaves of a cauliflower plant... and they taste awesome?

There are a few cauliflower plants currently growing in our garden. On a whim, I asked Crystal if you could eat cauliflower leaves. After researching to see if they were toxic, she grabbed a leaf and took a bite. Edible and tasty indeed! I tried one of the leaves myself. They smelled like cheddar cheese, oddly enough. Once I bit into it, the flavor was similar to broccoli, only slightly muted. What an amazing food source sitting right in plain sight!

Yep... that's a lot of spinach.

Yesterday for dinner, we prepared turkey burgers. Instead of eating them with buns (with are nothing more than calorie-bombs that you shouldn't eat), we wrapped them in cauliflower leaves. Let me tell you... they worked great! It's almost like eating your burger in a taco, without all of the extra sugar and calories. I recommend you try it for yourself!

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