Saturday, April 30, 2016

Laqunah: Part VI

Bursting through the curtains behind the shop counter, Ova beamed with absolute delight. She wore the mark of admittance on her sleeve, letting the entire world know about her success. Hultran sat huddled behind the kitchen table, attempting to eat a slice of minced marigold pie. Just as he was about to take the first bite, she squeezed his neck with the force of a giant vice grip.

“You're in?”

A smile ear to ear...

“I am in!”

“I'm so very proud of you. What a treat!”

Pushing the tart dessert down his throat, he couldn't help but grin along the way. To be the parent of a Persimmon student was highly regarded within the walls of Laqunah. More so, to have a child attend was a source of personal pride. Yes, he had done a great job raising the child after all. Though, to be fair, Ova had just as much of a hand in raising Hultran. They were a finely tuned pair, father and daughter, ready to overcome any hurdle thrown their way.

Next to Hultran's plate sat a peculiar book filled with drawings and photographs. Along the cover were intricate swirls of silver and cobalt against a deep orange hue. Hultran flipped through the pages as he ate. Ova peeked over his shoulder as her curiosity got the best of her.

“What an odd book. Where did you get it?”

Hultran pushed the empty plate away, bringing the book front and center.

“I received it in trade while you were at your meeting. A poor soul claiming to be without money asked for a card reading. They offered this book in lieu of payment. I figured why not... it's been a slow day anyway.”

As they marveled at the fanciful tome, their eyes widened at the sights held within. Page after page filled with scenes not of their world. Metal tanks rolling through lanes straddled by stone towers. Creatures highly similar to Ova appearing to be happy, standing alongside great stretches of coastline. Flying animals and beasts with claws. Massive statues adorned with gold and teal. A large white castle barricaded behind a fence.

“Where is this place, dad?”

At a complete loss, Hultran closed the book and set it aside.

“I've no clue, my dear... but it's giving me a headache. Perhaps we can revisit it after dinner?”

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