Monday, April 11, 2016

Using Breasts To Sell On eBay.

If you're an online retailer like myself whom happens to sell items on eBay, then you know all about the stiff competition that's out there. If you don't price your products competitively and offer comprehensive descriptions of your items, then you're probably not going to make a sale. Then again, competition keeps sellers honest and the best retailers eventually rise to the top.

And then you've got total assholes that pull stunts like this...

(Click to enlarge)

This seller is one of many that are participating in a new trend on eBay. A trend that relies upon the lowest common denominator to attract male buyers with titillation. There's nothing special about the products these sellers are trying to make a buck on; they're just like the items being sold by any other seller. Nope... all these knuckleheads are doing is using a cheap method of catching a potential buyer's attention. It's absolutely pathetic.

They're using breasts to sell video games, comic books and other geeky collectibles to sex-starved nerds.

What I can't decide upon is who is more pathetic: the sellers using boobs to sell products, or the buyers purchasing the items because they saw a few inches of cleavage rubbing against their future prized possession. Honestly, what exactly do breasts have to do with Pokémon cards and video games? Absolutely nothing, that's what. These sellers are simply being sly in how they draw in customers.

Durhhhh.... boobies on a Double Dragon cartridge. I'll buy it! Duuuurrrrrhhhhh!

Even worse, I don't understand the mindset of the women whom allow their natural assets to be used in such a depraved manner. I'm no prude, but this is demeaning to every woman that's fought to be treated as an equal. Such a practice reduces women to nothing more than being objectified and/or fetishized, with one sole purpose... SELL SELL SELL!

Over the past few years, I've seen this trend gain steam. Some of the items I've seen displayed with a set of breasts include Super Mario Bros. video games, X-Men action figures and GI Joe toys. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any end in sight.


  1. Lmao. You big mad. It's marketing 101 you would be stupid not to try to sell some of your items with a extra attention grabber. Can just picture you being butthurt typing this. 🤣

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