Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rejected By Basement-Dwelling Nerds.

Last night, I joined a local Dungeons and Dragons game group on the community website Meetup. My social life is on life support, so I thought I'd roll the dice and give it a shot. I've always had a fleeting interest in trying the infamous adventure game. Yet, growing up in rural Virginia never allowed an opportunity for me to give it a try.

Mind you, I played Magic: The Gathering for years by myself because no one else knew about it. That's how far out in the boondocks I was.

Upon joining an open group in Greensboro which is looking for new and experienced players, I sent the administrator a short note. In it, I introduced myself, explained my lack of experience and asked when I could come to acquaint myself with the game and their group's players.

This morning, I received a response.

The group administrator thanked me for my interest, but stated that they were full of experienced players and would keep me in mind in the future. Following the message, the admin promptly removed me from their open and public group.

An OPEN and PUBLIC group. Let that sink in.

"Hah, this guy Jared thought he could be a part of our group? What a loser!"

I wouldn't be so annoyed if the group didn't state that it was looking for new players. And yet, denied access I was. I've now been rejected by basement-dwelling nerds. My social life is officially dead.

Of course, I realize that the problem exists with the admin/group and not myself, but I still can't help but feel a bit depressed. As if I already weren't a hermit, being rejected in such a manner doesn't help. Is it even possible for a Dungeons and Dragons game to be full? Isn't it an open-ended role-playing game where multiple people can participate? I feel like I was fed an excuse, though for what reason I can't say.

Back to the drawing board, I suppose. Maybe I can find another group on Meetup that will interest me. At some point, maybe I'll revive my social life.

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