Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is "How Do You Do" Creepy?

When I encounter a stranger in passing, say at the grocery or in a gas station for example, I'll often make eye contact and greet them. A person that walks immediately by your person should be spoken to politely, simply out of being respectful. Earlier this afternoon, I was in a store and had to walk past a person. Being that we were in close proximity, I made eye contact and said...

"How do you do?"

The person responded in a normal manner and we went our separate ways. Believe it or not, this article isn't a rant about someone being rude to me. Instead, it's very personal in nature. The questions is...

Is it weird or creepy to talk to a stranger in such a proper manner?

Crystal and I have discussed the manner in which I speak to other people in the past; today was no different. In her opinion, I speak too formally with people in this modern age, especially with those whom I do not know. Instead of greeting others with "how do you do," I should say something like "what's up" or just "hey." By using "how do you do," I am potentially creeping people out, while at the same time sounding very old-fashioned. Another suggestion was for me to not say anything at all and avoid making contact altogether.

Apparently, I am an 80 year old man trapped in a 30 year old's body. While this news doesn't really come as a shock to me, I never considered the notion that my method of relaying language was terribly outdated. Though, I'm hesitant to use such contemporary jargon. Won't I come off has rude or unintelligent? I don't want to sound like a blockhead. Yet, by using a more stately introduction, I could be doing just that -- creeping people out.

What are your thoughts? Should I be a hip, cool dude and say "what's up?"

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