Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Dividing Line.

Slicing the air with joyful fingers
Each one dancing to its own beat
The slightest stretch pulsating with life
Cupping the full-blown blast of the highway
Neurons firing eager trumpets of triumph
Easing my mind as I barrel along
Packs of roving bison and leopards
Mechanized behemoths of the new world
Boxes brimming with unbridled meat
Steel automaton docking complete
Open roads the only elixir
Punch-drunk bender full of techno innuendo
Solar streak goes west from east
Hues of violet usher the glow of lanterns
Guiding us to a forlorn pit stop in the fog
Endless layers scanned and wiped
Glossy flickers of nocturnal guardians dashing over
Atonement unlocked in these vivid reflections
Photon mass swirling in the metallic paint
Release the discord with miles piling high
A question not of whom or when or even why
Where does the human end... and the vehicle begin?

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