Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Deconstruction Of Friendship.

There's nothing quite like seeing an old friend. Someone that you know is trustworthy, kind and actually wants to see you in return. That's the funny thing about friends these days. The invasive nature of social media has given the definition of friend such an ambiguous connotation. A friend can be a movie superstar or a brand of soap. It can be an Instagram diva that you've never met in your life (and never will). It can be old acquaintances from high school that live in different states and don't even have your phone number.

And yet, this pervasive deconstruction of friendship has even seeped into our very real lives. The bar for friendship has been set so low, that we often let people into our lives that don't deserve to be there at all.

So why all the talk on friends?

I saw an old friend earlier today completely out of the blue. Calling a few hours in advance of my unexpected arrival, they quickly took the time to see me for even a few minutes. Though having dinner together wasn't in the cards, she at least had the time to say hello and catch up. After four years of not seeing each other, it was just like yesterday. You see, that's what a friend does for someone.

Friends make time for each other.

Thanks for catching up Brooks. It was great to see you. Hope you weren't inconvenienced by stepping away from your office for a moment. And seriously, what fountain of youth are you drinking from?!

The lesson I learned today? When it comes to genuine friendship, I need to raise my expectations.

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