Monday, June 22, 2015

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

In the pursuit of trying new things and broadening my horizons, I did something today that I've never, ever done before.

I cut my hair really, really short.

Not once in the entirety of my life have I ever buzzed my hair -- not even when I was a kid. My hair has always been kept longer. Being a red head, I take pride in my luscious locks!

Today, I said screw it... let's cut my hair off and see what I look like underneath. The weather is extremely hot and I hardly ever see anyone, so why the hell not?

Here I am before I cut it all off...

Without further ado, here I am with my hair buzzed down short...

The first thing I noticed after cutting my hair short was how much my brother Joshua and I look alike. He usually keeps his hair short like this. Wow... if I didn't have such a big head, we'd look even more similar. Secondly, it was very liberating. I don't feel so hot and I can easily put a hat on and off. Third, I can tell where my hair has gotten slightly thinner towards the front of my scalp. Not too thin, but I can see a difference. I guess that's what happens when you get older. Finally, I noticed that some of the hair that was cut off had solid white strands in it. Again, a sign that I'm getting older. It doesn't bother me actually.

So, what do you think? Does short hair make me look younger? Cooler? Sexier? (Say yes to all three, hah!)

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