Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Three Trees.

There once stood three trees at the center of a vast forest. The first tree was the tallest in all the land, with intricate branches that reached towards the sun. The second tree was wide and stout, with enough strength to withstand the harshest of winds. The third tree was battered and broken, but somehow it had managed to survive natural disasters, ferocious beasts and the abuse of mankind.

One day, a mighty hurricane struck the forest. Torrential rains and powerful gusts tore against the entire forest for days on end. Many of the trees didn't make it through the onslaught, but those three trees at the center somehow did.

The first tree, once tall and proud, was now missing its top. Many of its branches were ripped away. Despite the damage, it would heal and grow once again.

The second tree, though strong and sturdy, also had considerable damage. Much of its bark had been torn free, exposing the raw wood beneath. Though beaten, it would heal and grow again.

The third tree, already accustomed to abuse and suffering, still looked bruised and beaten. Despite further damage from the hurricane, it too would heal and grow again.

If you open your mind and listen, you can hear the forest speak.

Nothing in life is fair. Some face more adversity, others face less. What matters is that you make the best of your situation. Harness your inner power and face whatever challenges this universe throws at you.

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