Thursday, June 25, 2015

If Morons Want The Confederate Flag, Let Them Have It.

Good grief... it's amazing how much difference a few days can make in the modern digital age.

Pick one. Either you're an American, or you're a Confederate.

On Sunday, I reported on the recent Charleston Mass Shooting. In that article, I made clear my thoughts on the Confederate Flag. To reiterate my comments -- neither the federal government nor any state government should fly the Confederate Flag on public land. The only national flag that should be flown on government and public property is the American Flag. The Confederate Flag represents a sovereignty, the Confederate States of America, that has not existed since 1865. Hence, its flag should not fly on US Government property. It's simply a matter of formality, honor and common sense.

Leap ahead from Sunday to today. The Confederate Flag has become all but outlawed in the public arena.

Every time I read or watch the news, I see yet another example of the Confederate Flag being banned from sale or display. Retail giants like eBay, Amazon and Walmart have pulled items from their marketplace that bear the Rebel Flag. Apple has gone so far as to remove games that feature the flag, even though those games are historical Civil War simulations.

What worries me most about this knee-jerk reaction is that it doesn't actually fix the problem of racism. I'm disappointed, but not surprised, at how this Rebel Flag kerfuffle has unfolded over the past few days. Though I do not want the Rebel Flag to fly over public and government property, I don't want it to be banned outright, either. If someone wants to own a piece of property that bears the Confederate Flag, that is their right. Let me be clear -- I have no interest in the Confederate Flag at all. While I think the Rebel Flag is for the most part trashy and obscene, that doesn't mean I get to be the thought police. You'll never catch me driving a car with a Rebel Flag bumper sticker, nor trotting down the beach in a pair of Rebel Flag swimming trunks. It's just... tawdry. But, what someone chooses to like or dislike is their business -- as long as it isn't causing anyone else harm.

The South will not rise again.

Just so we're clear...

Rebel Flag on government property? Not okay.
Rebel Flag on private property? That your business.

If you want to stamp out racism, then it has to begin in the home. Children must be made aware of the outside world. They should have equal access to a broad education. Parents must change their outdated views on race, facing the challenges of a cohesive global society head on. Most importantly, we must teach children not to live a life based upon fear. Fear gives birth to racism.

Much of this negative response has actually lead to the erasure of the Confederate Flag in a purely historical context. Unfortunately, you can't change the past. What happened can not be rewritten. For five years, Americans were split based upon slavery, personal ideals and commerce. Some states chose to band together as the Confederate States of America and start their own country. The Confederacy was represented by the Rebel Flag. That's fact. No matter how wrong the Confederates were in their positions, we can not make that dark aspect of our national past just disappear. To treat the Confederate Flag as if it doesn't exist devalues the courage of the men and women whom fought to rejoin our nation. It also discredits the enslaved Africans whom died trying to survive in a climate of hatred and dehumanization.

The Confederate Flag can be shown in a historical context without glorifying what it represents. This holds true for the flags of all murderous regimes, despots and dictators.

We can't surgically remove the Nazi Flag from existence. Nor can we make the Flags of North Korea or Lenin-era Soviet Union vanish. The Confederate Flag symbolizes another open wound in the long and tumultuous history of humanity. Yet, as long as the Rebel Flag is withheld from public property, then let the People do with it as they wish in their own homes. It's just a matter of personal liberty. Certainly, I wouldn't advise anyone to fly a Rebel Flag on their property, but I nor anyone else has much say in the matter. Your property and your personal preferences are your business.

If these morons want to waive their Rebel Flags, that's their problem.

Look at it this way -- allowing people to sport their Rebel Flag makes it a whole lot easier to identify actual racists. Not all who love the Confederate Flag are racists, but all racists sure do seem to love the Confederate Flag.

As if the white robes didn't make these racist assholes easy enough to see, 'X'  literally marks the spot!


  1. Hey moron black people fly the rebel flag also so how can it be racists....

  2. Hey moron black people fly the rebel flag also so how can it be racists....

    1. Reread my article. Not once do I ever say the Confederate Flag itself is racist. In fact, I personally believe the Confederate Flag is an important part of our national history.

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