Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How To Spot The Sociopathic Cult Leader In Your Life.

Like a magician, a cult leader is a master of making you see what he or she wants you to see. They control the illusion.

Let's face it... we all know a sociopath or two in our life. Whether it be an immediate family member, relative or friend, there's always that one person that's just a little crazy, but in the smart and controlling way. Sometimes, that person's dysfunction will go even farther than that. They're not just a sociopath, but they're essentially a cult leader.

That brings me to the following question. How do you spot a cult leader?

It's a good thing you read my blog. You're about to find out!

Things to look for when trying to spot a cult leader.
  • They have a way with words. They're not just smart -- they're damn smart. No matter what situation a cult leader encounters, they can usually talk their way out of it (or INTO it, if need be). They are masters of storytelling and captivating an audience. Criticism rarely holds up against a cult leader because they always have a great explanation just waiting in the back of their mind. The lies that a cult leader tells are extremely convincing -- rarely will they make logistical mistakes or forget previous lies that they've told. They are really great at keeping their story straight for as long as need be.
  • A cult leader is intensively adept at influencing the emotions of others -- especially to form a relationship. Whether a friend, lover or spouse, the cult leader can weave intricate levels of apparent emotional attachment to force the other party into doing their bidding. Typically, a cult leader / sociopath will seek out submissive types of people to control. This makes their job all the easier. Once they've got their hooks in a person, the cult leader will dominate their existence. This leads me to my next point.
  • If you look up the definition of a micro-manager in the dictionary, you'd probably find the image of a cult leader right next to it. When it comes to those that they are dominating, a cult leader will officiate and oversee every aspect of that person's daily routine. They are told how to perform even simple, mundane tasks. Brush your teeth this way. Stack these boxes this way. Drive your car this way. Wear your clothes this way. Tie your shoes this way. Dig this hole this way. If the demands of the cult leader are violated in any way, they will immediately explode with anger. To disregard the commands of a cult leader is to defy their authority -- that's a huge no-no.
  • Cult leaders have no sense of guilt. No matter how many times a cult leader hits you, or takes your possessions, or makes a mistake, they are never wrong. This is why most spousal and child abusers are essentially cult leaders -- they never feel guilty for beating on their children or their spouse. It's never their responsibility for striking them; the victim must have done something wrong to deserve the punishment. In some instances, the cult leader will forcibly forget that they even harmed someone or made a mistake. Other times, they will use their powers of emotional influence and smooth things over, making it appear as if everything is alright. This rolls into the next bit of information.
  • Unsurprisingly, cult leaders are masters of illusion. They know exactly how to make their life and the lives of those around them APPEAR to be normal, without it actually being so. A sociopathic cult leader is highly skilled at dressing their home and their behavior to look just right. They treat life like a stage -- sets can be changed, actors can learn new lines, the lighting can be adjusted to hide imperfections in the costumes. It's all just one, big theater production -- and they're the director.
  • If a cult leader isn't the center of attention, then they are not happy. That's one of the whole points of their existence. They crave constant approval and praise, often to the detriment of others. A cult leader must be reminded constantly of how important they are -- that's why they surround themselves with willing submissives to lead.
  • The emotional output of a sociopath / cult leader is rarely genuine. Most well-adjusted individuals can tell when a person isn't being sincere. This isn't true for those that are being dominated by a cult leader, whom can not see that they are being duped.
  • If a person is surrounded by family, friends or followers whom consistently don't recognize that they're being taken advantage of, then that person is probably a cult leader. Such sociopaths have a knack for keeping those around them in the dark. Their submissives simply don't see that they're not in control, much to their disadvantage.
  • Cult leaders are often susceptible to outbursts of anger and rage. This is because of their internal struggle to feel like they're in control. Hence, their never-ending desire to control others. When things don't seem to be going their way, or a follower disobeys a command, their emotional state can flip almost instantaneously. One minute they're sipping a drink quietly, the next they're shoving you into a wall and kicking your ass. Twenty minutes after that, they're calm again.
  • Finally, cult leaders / sociopaths are talented at making their beliefs seem like a religion. It's no coincidence that cult leaders regularly weave a religious doctrine into their life. In many documented instances, cult leaders like to be at the head of a religious organization or movement. That way, it appears to their submissives that not only are they obeying their leader, but they're also appeasing some higher power.
So, tell me. How many of you know a sociopathic cult leader? Share your stories and let us compare notes.

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