Saturday, September 12, 2015

Illuminate The Principle.

A flickering river of lost intentions
Fully realized and ready to blossom
Instead, abandoned by the caretaker
Left to rot in a barrel of rainwater
Who, but the ravager of dreams
Clawing to the surface, breaking the calm waves
Emerging from a skin of silk and subterfuge
The guilty party raises their hand first
Alas, the ravine has widened
Filled with a mission and a purpose
But the years are absent, the clocks are all hollow
Boiling in the span of a forgotten afterthought
The carapace is ripped from the flesh
I watched all hope die from the palace terrace
I'd look for the escape hatch if I had a torch
Only the decaying vibrations illuminate the principle
Weary is the witness, wretched is the veiled
So says the moth, bound to hell

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