Saturday, September 19, 2015

Without An Umbrella.

Time goes by and I can't stop it. There's no spell I can weave; no magic trick I can pull. Every minute... every second. Time splits into an infinite swirl of variations, forever growing smaller and more divided. Halved, then halved again. Down to the smallest speck of nothingness. The tiniest grain of sand becomes the largest mountain, only to be weathered by the river of eternity. The metamorphosis doesn't end.

And neither do I.

When you've seen a million sunsets, you start to notice the microscopic details. The last rays of light shimmer differently in the corner of your eye. The hazy misgivings of dawn's blissful promise become more evident. In essence, you stop trusting everything the universe has to tell you. In the absence of empyrean fact, what's left to believe? There is only one conclusion to draw from this amaranthine stone. One question left to ask.

Heaven or the hand maiden?

I'd rather surrender the pledge of tomorrow than break my vow today.

Clouds are but the ghosts of those that stayed behind out of love. Rain... the only way to reach out and say "I love you."  Every drop -- a kiss, a brush of my hand against your face, a passing glance in the fading hours. To float below the stars as a silent witness; I won't leave you alone. Forced to watch from the balcony of forever, my view both radiant and agonizing. I have sacrificed the Elysian Fields for you to not spend a solitary moment in desolation.

I would forfeit the dividends of paradise over and over again... just to watch you smile one more time.

When you glance towards the sky, there I'll be. I don't ask for much. Find out what makes you happy. Meet someone new. Make a home filled with love. Travel the world. Have children. Grow old. Be jubilant! Though... every once in a while, take a walk in the rain without an umbrella. Let me hold you for just a little while.

Until then, I will float on.

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