Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Most Bad-Ass Monsters of Greek Mythology!

Greek mythology is absolutely awesome. Since I was just a little boy, I've read all about the ancient Greek heroes and their battles against history's most famous monsters. Make no bones about it -- the monsters of Greek myths are phenomenal. They would easily make a mummy quiver in its bandages! Here are some of the most bad-ass examples!

Lamia - A vicious female monster, the Lamia is like a vampiress on steroids. She eats children as a snack (even her own in some versions of the myth) and can easily seduce any man with her vampire gaze. Known for sucking the blood of just about anyone she can, the Lamia is certainly not to be trusted in any capacity.

Basilisk - Though small in stature, the King of Serpents as it is known packs quite the wallop. It could breath fire and had venom so poisonous that it could melt flesh from your bones. Even worse, the basilisk possessed a mighty death gaze. One look from the basilisk could kill a man! It was often described as having the head and legs of a cock, a large crown, scaly wings and the body of a serpent. COCK-A-DOODLE-DON'T!

Gorgon - Whatever you do, don't look at this ugly female beast! With a head full of snakes for hair, the Gorgon was an opponent rarely defeated. Myth has it that one look at the Gorgon would turn a man to stone. In some legends, the Gorgon has a normal woman's body. Other tales suggest her legs were replaced by the body of a snake. In others, her entire body is covered in shimmering scales. No matter which version you face, be prepared to fight her blind. Only by severing a Gorgon's head can you claim victory, but be warned -- even in death, looking at the decapitated head of a Gorgon will still turn you to stone. Medusa is perhaps the most infamous example.

Manticore - Existing as a disgusting cross between a man, a scorpion and a lion, the Manticore has lethal written all over him. It can shoot poisonous barbs from its stinger tail. In its mouth are multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth, much like that of a shark. Extremely nimble and always ready for a meal, the Manticore is one of Greek mythology's alpha predators.

Hydra - A water dragon so tough that it took Hercules himself to defeat it! The challenge of the Hydra was in its ability to regenerate. It had multiple heads that could spit venom. Yet, when one head was sliced off, two more would grow in its place. Hercules, with some help from his trusted friend Iolaus, figured out how to defeat the beast -- by cauterizing the stump of flesh left behind after slicing one of its heads off. Thereby, two new heads couldn't grow. Had any mortal man attempted to defeat the Hydra, they'd probably have become its lunch!

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