Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Tearing My Computer Apart.

There's a funny bit of context attached to my blog article this evening. The story I published was not the story I originally intended on writing. While composing the original tale (which you'll get to read next Saturday night), I was listening to an old compact disc in my computer. Suddenly, much to my horror, the disc rapidly gained warp speed and exploded into a million tiny pieces. Faced with a possibly destroyed CD-ROM drive, I had to make a decision. Would I let the disc drive sit filled with a horde of crystalline shards and contact a computer repair shop... or open my computer up, remove the compact disc drive, disassemble it and remove the broken remnants?

Mind you... I have never opened a computer in my life and done any sort of hardware tampering. This would be a first for me.

I said screw it... I can do this! An hour later, I'd opened the case on my computer, removed seven various screws, disconnected three internal cables, unbolted a cooling unit, taken the CD-ROM apart, reassembled everything and turned the computer back on. Somehow, I'd managed to repair the CD-ROM on my first try. Either I got lucky, or fortune just favors the bold.

Faced with a rapidly approaching deadline, I decided to finish a tale I'd started many weeks ago and send it to print. What you read this evening was the end result. I'd say, given the circumstances... that's pretty damn awesome.

Concurrently, I believe I've gotten the itch to build my own computer. Or, at the very least, start modifying the one I already have.

Oh... the compact disc that exploded? Sadly, it was a disc entitled Kindred Spirits that I've had since high school. My talented friend Brian Warshaw​ had self-published an album of original compositions on the long-defunct website (remember them?). Hopefully, I can obtain the digital tracks from Brian. Let's hope he still has them.

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