Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Ode To The Duck.

Webbed wonder of the murky depths
Stoic master of the indifferent
I watch you float from moment to moment
With little regard for the past
Your bill eternally points to the future
Like a compass on the edge of tomorrow
Your transformation is a glorious sight to behold
From the ivory cloak to owning the moat
So easy to disregard your unwitting facade
Dare to break bread and learn your secrets
A breathy cackle like thunderous innuendo
Quack at the notion of being caged
Freedom to fly lest threatened to die
Furious threshing of nature's fabric
Anything less to the liberated simply wouldn't do
There you go with the answers I sought
Sailing the quivering membrane of the universal enigma
Neptune's gatekeeper forever more
Mighty waves of veracity rock me to sleep
And then I finally see it
The duck knows more than we could ever forget

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