Monday, November 30, 2015

My Brother Joshua Is 29 -- Wish Him Happy Birthday!

Such a wonderful day this is. Let's all celebrate a man with a profound spirit and a gigantic heart... my brother Joshua. On this day in 1986, he fought off an endless assault of foreign invaders, rubber gloves and metal weaponry to escape from our mother's womb. Born a fighter, but a lover at heart, Josh has walked the path of a thoughtful warrior for 29 years. He's faced adversity and challenge all along the way, but not once has he ever folded. I refer to him as the Quarter Million Dollar Man because of the super-expensive rods in his back, which he took like a CHAMP. Standing tall like a mighty oak, he's proven his worth as a man of the world. Oh Joshua... he might be my younger brother, but I'm proud to say I look up to him. Let's all give him a round of applause! Happy Birthday Joshua!

And now, the obligatory embarrassing photos!

Also, don't forget that today, November 30, is St. Andrews Day. Be sure to celebrate your inner Scot! Click here for more info.

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