Monday, February 2, 2015

Bubba the Love Sponge Announces Bubba 98.7 -- WBRN.

Radio visionary and all-around superstar Bubba the Love Sponge (aka Todd Clem) revealed on his morning show today that he now has full control of his own radio station. In the world of radio, the fox has officially been let loose in the henhouse.

The homey with the big bologne.

In a massive multi-year deal with Beasley Broadcasting, Bubba will now be heard on WBRN -- BUBBA 98.7. WBRN shall be the flagship station in the Bubba Radio Network (hence the B-R-N in the call sign). Bubba will have control over the creative output of the station and program nearly all aspects of its operation. The station will reflect Bubba's personality and feature a mix of talk and music. No singular format will be employed in programming the music that will be played on-air. Artists to be heard will range from Metallica to LL Cool J, essentially all over the format spectrum. Per information released today, the tentative schedule for the station will be as follows.

6a - 10a: Bubba the Love Sponge Morning Show
10a - 12p: Bubba's Kick-Ass Music
12p - 3p: Manson's Greatest Hits (bits from Manson intercut with music)
3p - 7p: Nedley Mandingo III (comedy from Ned / music by Bubba, but Ned can flip the script at any moment he likes)
7p - 11p:  25 Cent ("playing it loose" for the time being)
11p - 6a: Music / Countdown to the Morning Show

Bubba stated that he is actively seeking quality on-air talent and disc jockeys to round out his new station's programming. It is unclear if this monumental move in radio will influence the other stations which syndicate the Bubba the Love Sponge show. Those stations currently are:
  • 103.1 WOTW Orlando, Florida
  • 106.9 WRCG Columbus, Georgia
  • 104.1 KRZQ Reno, Nevada
  • 102.3 WTRS Ocala, Florida
  • 96.1 WRXK Ft. Myers, Florida
  • 98.1 WYBB Charleston, South Carolina
  • 103.1 WZLB Valparaiso, Florida
  • 93.5 WBGF Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Bubba the Love Sponge can also be heard globally on For more information, visit

The Bubba 199 is in full effect.

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