Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why is Your Snowman Square?

Today was a good day.

Here in North Carolina, we received approximately five to seven inches of snow overnight. While nothing to get frantic over (it's just snow), I always welcome a heavy dose of the cold white stuff.

Needless to say, Crystal and I made no waste of the frozen precipitation. After debating what to make with the snow (a snow man was too predictable), we went with a Rubix cube.

Which then morphed into just a standard box for sitting on.

Upon which, Crystal crushed it with tremendous force. She was most harsh in her unrelenting destruction.

As I said, today was a good day. Ice Cube would approve.

On the new Jeep front, it handled quit well pulling out of my driveway. Unfortunately, the local road crews had plowed the snow off the roads quickly, so I couldn't take the new wheels out for some donuts. Alas, that must wait for another day.

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