Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cold Feet.

With it being so cold this past week, I've developed what I like to call a "skinny people problem".

My feet and hands just will not stay warm.

My extremities used to never get cold. Then again, I was pushing 340 lbs. I had enough blubber to keep an entire village of Eskimos warm! Now that I'm down into the 200 pound range, I've noticed I get cold much easier. My hands and feet have suffered the worst, but not as much as they have this past week. The bitter cold we've experienced has not been pleasant by any measure.

As I write this, my feet have four pairs of socks on, plus slippers, plus a heating pad underneath... and they're still not warming up. I have to put gloves on every so often to maintain the heat in my fingers. All in all, it's quite depressing. While I don't miss being a gigantic fat ass, I do miss the warmth that I always had in the winter.

To all my skinny readers out there -- I completely understand your plight now. I can only imagine how much colder I'll be when I take another forty or fifty more pounds off.

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