Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Cloaked Axiom.

Have you ever just walked among a crowd of people, silent and observant? Your senses heightened; your mind open. Every step taken, every inhalation of air, every spoken word -- just take it all in and process it. Like an invisible apparition floating through the masses of human beings, absorbing everything they do.

In this moment, you are a watcher.

Human beings are a strange species. Many exist in this seemingly impenetrable bubble, unaware of what occurs around them. They express anger or compassion via devices that broadcast their thoughts hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away. Some are tuned into everything their offspring are doing and nothing else. Others walk in locked step with their life partner, unknowing of what lurks behind every corner.

As blinded ants, human beings ramble through life with such an abbreviated field of awareness.

I find myself enthralled at times by just examining how people function in their day-to-day lives. They perform great feats of compassion, as well as disturbing acts of malice. Some of us work to improve our physical bodies into peak condition, while others recklessly abandon any sense of responsibility for their physique. We drink; we smoke; we inject chemicals into our bloodstreams. One man picks up another man's litter. How fickle and diverse our species is, often times bearing great variance within a single example.

Seeing is believing, as we've all been told. This holds especially true when watching how we're living... and how we're dying. Ironically, living and dying are one in the same -- there is no division. From the moment we escape the womb to our last breath, we are living and dying simultaneously. Perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge I've gleaned from watching people is this cloaked axiom. Yet, as nearly all of us meander from the alpha to the omega, that aforementioned abbreviated field of awareness keeps this information at a safe distance. It's for the best, really. Not all of our kind is able to process the magnificent scope of reality. That's not a slight against mankind, oh no. If anything, it is a blessing.

If we were all watchers, there would be nothing to watch.

When you are a watcher, you can be in a crowd and yet never be a part of it. That is the burden the observer must bear -- the external eye can not see itself. It can be terribly lonely at times, but otherwise satisfying. Such a connection strikes a chord with the inner harmony... a link to the aether of the celestial balance.


  1. I identify with this so much. I think this is what I am.

  2. This is so me, it seemed as if you spoke my heart out and you were speaking my words. Felt like this tons of times seriously.

  3. This is a very difficult thing to go beyond the crowd. People who don't follow the crowd usually are not considered to be the wise one.

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