Friday, January 22, 2016

Calm Down Jars Are Pathetic Excuses For Parenting.

One of the biggest current fads in modern parenting is something known as the calm down jar.

Folks, I can't make this crap up.

A calm down jar is a DIY project mothers all across America are totally hysterical over. It involves placing glitter, shiny objects, or some other odd substance inside an empty bottle or jar with a fluid mixture. The jar is then sealed and provided to a child when they're being overly playful, feeling restless, sitting in time-out, or “struggling with sensory overload” as one famous parenting blogger puts it.

Calm down jar? More like Shut the hell up and leave me alone jar.

I don't get it with parents like this. Instead of actually interacting and guiding their children to become reasonable, sane adults whom can be alone and able to tolerate stress, they want to shove all sorts of distractions into their tiny little faces and constantly comfort them. Why? Because their children are cutting into more important adult activities, likes watching Netflix, surfing the internet or using their cellphone.

These parents are raising attention-starved brats with detrimental mental focus problems.

Aren't children supposed to be a little restless? Kids want to play, whether running, throwing balls or chasing the family dog. That's not to say children should be allowed to misbehave; they absolutely should not. Yet, whatever happened to a little old-fashioned parenting? Talk to your child with a clear, calm voice and administer guidance. Tell them what they need to do and not do. Provide them with a proper example to follow.

"Little Johnny, you go to time-out and think about what you've down wrong...
and play with your calm down jar!"

Much less, why would you give a calm down jar to a child in time-out? Isn't the point of time-out to allow a child to consider their negative actions? If the child is distracted by a jar full of glitter, how in the hell are they going to correct their mistake?!

As to using the calm down jar to assist with sensory overload... this doesn't even make any sense. The calm down jar does nothing but divert your child's attention from one source of sensory input to another. Wouldn't the correct course of action be to remove all sources of sensory input (calm down jar included) and allow the child to relax naturally? Perhaps the best solution would be to remove the tablet or smart phone from their hands, turn off the television and send them outside.

Nope... give 'em a shiny bottle. That'll fix the problem!

The calm down jar is nothing more than a hypnotic trick to mesmerize a child into further depths of stupidity. Sheesh, it's no wonder most kids these days are utter morons.

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