Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yield To Yesterday

Wipe the crust from my tired eyes
Better to see the borrowed lies
Something tells me I've been here before
What's mine should probably be yours
I'll fumble around the afterglow
Flying blind and looking for the light
Stumble lifelessly into tomorrow
Pretending that I was right

Empty handed but bearing gifts
With the wind my motive shifts
The ghost inside calls out to say
Yield to yesterday

I'd fly over hell to avoid the havoc
Just to fight the war at home
The gears inside are all automatic
Only seeing the world in monochrome
Canvas as wide as the gap between
The shadows painted with doubt and glycerine
Limping along the path to evolve
Not seeing the puzzle I need to solve

Better to linger than live on the edge
A hollow man with nothing to pledge
Your sympathy calls out to say
Yield to yesterday

Another world rolls past eternal stars
Bubbling on the cusp of an unborn truth
A million bastards and their unread memoirs
Each grossly unprepared and full of youth
Which one I'll be I could not know
Perhaps the hermit entombed with Bradbury and Thoreau
Icy fingers clasp a tattered dress
We danced once nevertheless

I'd shatter the earth for a moment of glory
Without an audience there is no story
The angel of anguish calls out to say
Yield to yesterday

In this unlikely moment of clarity
Daring to plunder a fool's memory
This close to losing skies of blue
Bastion crumbles in awe of you
I'd rather slice off my writer's hand
Than turn over my useless heart
A flock of vultures strikes up the band
Wherever you go I'll surely depart

Pray for the flood on a sinking vessel
Everyone's destined to wrestle the devil
A fleeting fantasy calls out to say
Yield to yesterday

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