Monday, January 11, 2016

My Dog Mellow Does Not Allow Hugging!

I was originally going to write about some boring political topic this evening.

Screw that. This is way funnier.

Mellow is every bit the goofy dog he looks to be.

A few moments ago, Crystal hopped in my lap for a comfy, couch-straddling hug. It's something she does fairly often. We're fairly fond of the snuggles and hugs.

So sue me. I like snuggling. No, you can't have my man card. Anyway...

As he's often prone to do, my dog Mellow began to grumble the moment she got in my lap. For some reason, he's very "sensitive" about her and I touching each other. Kissing, hugging... you name it. Mellow doesn't particularly care for intimate human contact in his presence.

Now, this particular go round, the grumbling and growling continued to grow and become all the more hilarious as it went along. By the end of his barking spell, Mellow would even express his displeasure if we so much as laughed at his paranoid behavior. Also in the video is my other dog Echo. She's much smarter than Mellow and pretty much slept through the whole barking spell (until he woke her up in utter disgust).

Thankfully, it's all on tape.

(Tape? Who says tape anymore? You're getting old, Jared.)

For your viewing pleasure, here's Mellow (for nearly five minutes) telling us just how much he doesn't like Crystal and I hugging each other.

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