Tuesday, January 26, 2016

People Are Like Sandboxes.

Me: "People are a lot like sandboxes."

Crystal: "They're full of cat shit?"

While I found Crystal's response to be incredibly hilarious, it wasn't what I was driving at.

People are like sandboxes because they're always changing. Like the sand, different aspects within us are altered and modified. The sand transforms over time. Some parts are built up while other areas erode into valleys. The contents of a sandbox are never the same. They are eternally in motion and evolving.

So too are people -- continually shifting and advancing.

I often think about the man I used to be over a decade ago. I was brash, immature and selfish. My motivations weren't always the most sincere, nor were they befitting of a decent life partner. Yet, as the winds of time passed over my body, the sands of my life were constantly in a state of revision.

Who I am today is not who I was yesterday.

This same principle applies to everyone. You, the reader, are in a state of flux. You look a great deal like yourself from yesterday and mostly like yourself from a year ago. But from five or ten years ago? Not at all. The human condition is bound by never-ending metamorphosis.

Though, perhaps Crystal was absolutely right in a way. Some of us are just full of shit.

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