Monday, January 25, 2016

I Busted My Butt Today... Twice.

On January 5, I reported on a severe bout of back pain I was experiencing. Sadly, that pain hasn't completely subsided as of this writing.

Today, I only managed to make it worse.

While approaching my mailbox to assist the postal agent with my routine package deliveries, I fell and busted my bottom on the ice-covered street. Full-on, with all my weight -- I dropped like a virgin's panties on prom night. Needless to say, I only proved to aggravate the pain I have been experiencing in my right hip. Lifting myself up from the ground with the postal truck's front bumper, I knew I'd done serious damage to my right hip.

Only now, that pain also extends to my right buttock. I swear... it's swollen right now like a deep fried sausage just waiting to burst.

The fun didn't end there, though.

Later on today, I fell once again. This time, I tripped in my pair of house slippers in front of my kitchen sink. Of course, I fell in the exact same spot I had previously. Oh... the pain.

I am currently taking it easy, with plenty of rest. Crystal has forced me to relax for a change. My message to you may be brief this evening, but then again... I feel like crap. I haven't felt healthy since Christmas, to be quite honest. It's been a rough month.

Surely you understand my brevity.

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