Friday, January 30, 2015

Almond and Fish - YUM!

Good evening my readers. I have nothing monumental to say tonight, being that it's Friday and you're probably out having fun. Let's face it... I'm really just talking to myself.

That being said, I thought I'd share some photos of a cute little snack which my great friend Yuka mailed me all the way from Japan. She sent this in a package last January to celebrate the new year. As you can see, this snack is out of this world!

Yep... that's a bag of almonds and tiny little dried fish.

I can assure you - they taste better than they look. A snack of this caliber may come as a shock to the average American. But, once you get past the notion of eating a whole baby fish (I think it's a sardine), it's actually quite pleasant. My taste palette is a bit on the adventurous side anyway, so this was no problem for me to eat.

You'd think this would be a very salty snack that reeks of a pungent fish odor. Yet, you'd be wrong. It's actually very sweet tasting. The fish are not crunchy, to be honest. Instead, they mostly just fall apart in your mouth and melt away. Contrasting with the fish are the almonds, which add a nice depth to the overall flavor. From what Yuka told me, this is a very healthy and popular snack in Japan. Many parents prefer to give this snack to their kids instead of sweets, chips and candy.

I've been savoring the packets Yuka mailed me for the past year and making them last. Being that I can't purchase such a delicacy in the United States, I have to stretch out my supply. If you ever get the opportunity to try the almond and fish snack, be brave and go for it!

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