Monday, January 26, 2015

Dude, You Hit My Car! Part II

Oh happy day...

Some of you with a good memory may recall that my vehicle was damaged by a thankless moron in a Harris Teeter parking lot in 2012. While inside shopping for groceries, a callous driver backed into my front bumper. In the process, they tore it from the driver-side fender and put a large dent in it (most likely from a hitch). That driver left the scene without so much as a note.

No "Sorry." No "Oops, my bad!" No "Kiss my ass." NOTHING.

My insurance ended up covering the damage -- after a $500 deductible and a new bumper, everything was as good as new.

It seems history has a funny way of repeating itself.

I went shopping at a local Food Lion today for a handful of items. I was inside shopping for less then fifteen minutes. Upon returning to my vehicle, I discovered this (click image for higher resolution).

Alas, my bumper is damaged once again -- in almost the exact same spot. At the time of my arrival, I parked in a spot without anyone in front of nor to the left of me. Had I of not been getting groceries, I'd have pulled through. But, I knew I'd need to get in my hatch area to store groceries, so I stayed put. From the looks of things, it seems someone decided to park in front of me. Upon leaving, they heavily scraped my car with the front left corner of their bumper while pulling away. I can tell this by the direction of the scuffing. Instead of just backing up (at least part of the way), they instead zipped right on by my vehicle and scratched the hell out of it in the process. The photo doesn't show it well, but there's black bumper residue from their car, much like what can be found on older vehicles.

And yet again... they failed to leave any sort of note. At this point, I'd even take a "sorry bro, but I've not got any cash to fix it." Just own up to your mistake and do the honorable thing. Even if you can't afford to repair it, I'd at least like the culprit to admit their wrong doing. But no... that's apparently just too much for them to handle.

Nope - I'm surrounded by dishonorable schmucks. I should expect nothing more, right? This is what it is to live in modern America. Most of you (even some of you reading this) are assholes.

Whomever you are that did this, I hope you're smeared with peanut butter and lowered slowly feet-first into a cage filled with rabid, flesh-eating hamsters.

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