Friday, January 23, 2015

Thanks Stupid Americans, You've Brought Back Measles!

As many of you may be aware, America is currently dealing with a measles outbreak. If you haven't heard about this, let me give you a quick update. In mid-December 2014, an unknown infected person or persons spread the measles virus in one of the worst places possible -- Disneyland. Since then, an outbreak of measles cases has spread from California to many other western states, including Arizona, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Oregon. It has also since appeared in Mexico.

Here's the sad, but brutal truth about the outbreak... it is almost totally controllable. Why is it spreading, though? Because Americans, at an alarming rate, are not vaccinating their children. Records of all the cases thus far reported in California show that only six of the thirty-four infected patients were vaccinated.


It's the year 2015, yet we have parents whom are neglecting to vaccinate their children against diseases. This is especially infuriating considering many of these diseases have been previously labeled as eradicated. Measles was considered eradicated in 2000! At its peak, measles was killing two million people globally. Through hard work and science, we put measles to bed and had it beat in the United States.

Now, thanks to lazy parents and those whom fall victim to junk science, it's back with a vengeance.

The vaccine against measles isn't one-hundred percent accurate, but it's damn close. Coupled with preventative widespread vaccinations, there is little chance of catching it in a responsible society. By not vaccinating your child, you not only open them up to a major illness and possible lifelong debilitation, but you also put the lives of other innocent children at risk.

And no, before you even ask... Vaccines do NOT cause autism. This is a prime example of the junk science that has been widely proliferated in the new millennium. Not a single study has shown a link between vaccinations and autism -- ever. Past claims of vaccines being the cause of autism have since been debunked or proven fraudulent. The Centers for Disease Control and the Institute of Medicine both support these findings. Even the Autism Science Foundation reports the fact that vaccines do not cause autism. The science is clear and speaks for itself. Not only is it safe to vaccinate your child, but it's your responsibility to do so. If you do not vaccinate your child against diseases like measles, you're essentially babysitting a severe illness just waiting to happen.

Thanks to parents whom believe such nonsense, the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases (measles, whooping cough, mumps, etc.) has increased over six-thousand percent between the years 2008 and 2014! Let that sink in.

So thanks Stupid Americans! You've given the world another reason to laugh at our nation.

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