Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why We Need Less Police Officers, Not More.

For just a moment, let's imagine a world where civil and personal liberties are not criminalized. The use of chemical substances, whether naturally occurring or produced in a laboratory, is not restricted. Prostitution is not an illegal activity, but merely a private transaction conducted by two consenting adults. Gambling is a risk knowingly taken by informed adults.

With that sort of world in mind, answer the following question.

If all of those activities were suddenly decriminalized, what exactly would police do?

We're here to help you.

For our nation's supposed protectors of the peace, without nonviolent "crimes" like solicitation, drug possession/use and gambling, the police wouldn't be very busy, now would they? You see, this is the great ruse that's been pulled over our eyes. The criminalization of non-violent activities carried out by consenting adults harms no one. Yet, these same actions are illegal. Why? Because without these actions bearing an illegal status, the police would have a lot less policing to do. If there are less laws to enforce, then there's less need for police. Less need for police equates to less need for prisons.

Don't you see? It's all about the money. Making everyday adult activities illegal puts money in the pockets of oligarchs, politicians, police unions and the industrial prison complex. It creates jobs for police officers where there is no need. Average citizens, whom have not harmed anyone else, are incarcerated and used as cash cows for the police state wealth machine. Sure, the police are an important segment of our civil servant sector. Though, why not treat the police like fire and rescue departments? You don't see firemen roaming the streets in high-powered automobiles looking for fires to catch. Nor do you see EMT's lurking behind every street corner trying to catch a heart attack. Why not officiate the police in such a manner as their fellow civil servants? If an actual crime is taking place, like a robbery or assault, then we'll call upon them to make their presence known and enforce actual laws. In fact, we already do that to some degree -- by using 911! Thereby, we know such a method works.

Violent crime has been dropping in the United States for decades. As of 2013 (the last year on record), violent criminal acts were at their lowest point since the 1970's. Yet, since 1980 and President Reagan's War on Drugs initiative, the incarceration rate for nonviolent offenders (drug use, solicitation, gambling, etc.) has more than doubled. Over twenty five percent of all inmates nationwide are incarcerated for a non-violent act. Correctional budgets rank second nationwide for states in terms of cost; only Medicaid costs more. As a whole, America has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world.

In the most basic of explanations, we do not need as many police officers in this country. There are far too many police for too few actual crimes. Remove wrongfully criminalized acts like prostitution, drug possession and the like. What you do with your body and the choices you make, short of harming someone else, is your business.

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