Monday, January 12, 2015

People Watching at Starbucks.

I had an appointment with someone today whom I was buying a large lot of Nintendo games from. They asked to meet me at a Starbucks in Greensboro, to which I happily obliged. I arrived roughly twenty minutes early. With nothing else better to do but wait, I was able to people watch. Accordingly, I made some interesting observations about the various customers going in and out of Starbucks.

Starbucks on Battleground Ave., Greensboro, NC.

  • Obviously prissy girls like to sit outside at the metal picnic tables and drink their coffee. Never mind the fact that it was below forty degrees and rainy, they had to be seen in their North Face jackets and UGG boots.
  • I saw more Mercedes and BMW vehicles pull up than at any other normal business establishment.
  • Spotting a person of color was next to impossible, except for the employees I could see through the storefront of Starbucks.
  • What is it with middle-aged women and funky haircuts? They seem to go for swirled blond hairdos that are short and sit high up on their skulls. It looks like their hair-dresser phoned it in and placed their head in a blender.
  • I saw quite a few girls in short skirts and leggings, but also with fluffy boots, heavy coats and scarves. If they're so damn cold, why would they wear a skimpy skirt with leggings?
  • A large number of customers exiting Starbucks had the most soured-up look on their face. What made them so unhappy? Is the coffee terrible... or were they sad that their drink cost as much as a pound of tasty pastrami?
  • No one holds doors for anyone these days. The guys were especially guilty of this. Be a gentleman and hold a door for a woman, would you?
  • Drivers are terrible about letting other vehicles back out of parking spaces to exit the lot. The more expensive the car, the more likely they were to zip past a person trying to back up (one almost caused an accident).
  • Only two families went into Starbucks with children. With both instances, the kids were screaming, crying and generally being little pricks.
What does all of this say about Starbucks customers? My conclusion is this -- a fair number of Starbucks frequenters are inconsiderate, self-absorbed meat-heads whom only patronize their establishment because it's a signifier of their supposed superior status. Give me a break!

I hope you choke on it.

Full disclosure -- I have never purchased anything from Starbucks in my thirty-two years of existence. I have more sense than that.

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  1. I am guilty of frequenting Starbucks. However it is truly for great coffee. I do, however, prefer the drive-through. Luckily my drink of choice is pretty cheap on the Starbuck's scale -- espresso, please.