Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guess Which Absurd Personal Story Is Fact or Fiction!

I'm genuinely curious if anyone is reading this blog as of late, so I'm going to run a little test.

Below, I will detail three possible truths about myself. They'll all be ridiculous... but only one will be true. You have to guess which two are fiction and which one is fact.

Here goes!
  • When I was in third grade (1990), I had a massive crush on a fellow student in my class. Because I was a total bonehead when it came to social interaction and didn't know how to talk to girls, I devised what I now recognize as a terrible plan to win this girl's heart. When Valentine's Day rolled around, I bought her a giant card and wrote a silly poem in it. I also placed nearly five dollars in change inside the card, figuring it was a proper reflection of my sincerity. When I gave her the card, all of the change spilled out of the envelope. The rest of the class looked at us strange. She grimaced, handed the card back and told me to pick my money up.
  • While at 4-H camp in 1991, I got beat up by a girl whom was also in attendance. One of my counselors saw the incident and was telling me throughout "don't hit her back". Later on during my stay at the camp, she approached me while in the pool. Sneaking up on me like a ninja, she jumped on my back, dug her claws into my chest and held me under water. When she let go of me and I rose to the surface, there she was just staring at me. I was bleeding profusely. Before swimming off, she told me that I'd never find a girl as nice as her. Unfortunately, I never got her name.
  • After I graduated high school, I had a string of girls whom failed to show up on dates. They stood me up like the ignoramus that I was. In a fit of depression and anger, I consumed two large pizzas, a bucket of chicken and a whole chocolate pie over the course of a night. I was sick as a dog for two days straight and didn't eat anything else. It was nearly four days later before I actually felt hungry again.
Now... guess which one is the genuine story!


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