Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When You're a Cop, Following the Law Is Optional.

Back in January, I featured a blog as part of my Grinding My Gears! series entitled Lane Thieves. I discussed the tendency of many drivers I encounter at intersections to steal the lane, thereby occupying one lane as if there were two. I also discussed the potential danger this creates. Today's blog is a small addendum to that original article.

This past Saturday, I encountered a local deputy sheriff whom performed this very act. While stopped at a four-way signal light with a single lane, a deputy in a marked police cruiser passed me on the right, occupied the edge of the lane and part of the shoulder at the intersection; he obviously wanted to turn right. He was so close to the right side of my vehicle that I could see the images on his laptop screen. I was turning right as well and had my turn signal activated. A vehicle was coming from my left towards the intersection (they had the green light), so I was yielding to them before turning right. Before that vehicle could pass through the intersection, this deputy had pulled beside me and whipped ahead. In doing so, he not only illegally passed me on the right, but also cut the oncoming vehicle off and caused them to have to slow down. This deputy did not have his emergency lights activated, nor did he engage a siren. In short... he was just being an impatient douche bag with no regard for the law he supposedly upholds.

What if I hadn't seen the deputy and attempted to complete the turning maneuver to the right? He would have caused me to hit his vehicle, hence why you're not allowed to pass a vehicle on the right in the United States. What if the oncoming vehicle from the left couldn't slow down in time and rear-ended the deputy's car? This officer of the law created the potential for not one, but two vehicular accidents.

It's no surprise that drivers in North Carolina are so terrible. Even police officers fail to follow the rules of the road; neither do they enforce the law. The cops are bad drivers. The citizens are bad drivers. Nearly everyone in North Carolina is a bad driver!

To put it mildly -- many cops are just vulgarians with a badge and a superiority complex. You know it, I know it and they know it.

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