Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where Did Cuddling Come From?

I've got some highly valued cuddling time scheduled with a certain special someone, so my article tonight will be brief.

Where did the concept of cuddling come from?

The English word cuddle arose during the sixteenth century to describe the act of a mother affectionately snuggling their baby. Snuggling itself is a word that evolved from snug, which was a native nautical sailing term. A snug ship was one that had no loose ropes or objects to roll around its deck. Over the course of the next few centuries, cuddle expanded to mean holding your baby or your intimate partner (which also reflects upon the fluid nature of the word baby as well).

So... keep that in mind the next time you're cuddling. In reality, you're just making sure your loved one doesn't have any loose ropes or objects moving around on their deck!  

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  1. Yes make sure your ropes are tight ;-)