Monday, March 23, 2015

Utah To Allow Death By Firing Squad.

The news just broke late this evening that Utah will once again make execution by firing squad an option for inmates on death row. Congratulations to the land of honey bees and Mormons! They just stepped into the Nineteenth Century!

Salt Lake City, Utah

This move comes about as the deadly cocktail used to administer death via lethal injection becomes increasingly scarce. The chemicals typically come from foreign producers. As the world has progressed past capital punishment, these same manufacturers have stopped selling the chemicals to the United States. On a global scale, the United States is the last first world nation in the west that practices capital punishment. It's a shameful reflection upon our society; most other civilized nations vehemently object to it.

Utah intends to use the firing squad in cases where lethal injection is not possible due to a lack of the proper chemicals. The lethal injection drugs must not be available at least thirty days prior to an inmate's execution for the firing squad option to be possible.

No matter how terrible a crime someone commits, we can not lower ourselves to murder in the guise of justice. As if the lethal injection option wasn't bad enough - a gallery of people watch you die behind a glass window like it's a television show. The firing squad, while effective, is barbaric. It speaks of a time in our past that was chilling and brutal; blood flowed freely in the streets as recently as the Old West era. To see Utah take a big step backwards is simply disappointing.

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