Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five Terrible Halloween Costumes - 2014 Edition.

The whirlwind that is Halloween has come and gone. Candy is on sale at half price. Decorations sit idle on department store shelves, waiting to be boxed up and sold next year. Pumpkins have started to rot and cave in.


No matter the year, there are always really terrible costumes that somehow get used. Whether home-made or purchased pre-packaged, these are the five worst Halloween costumes of 2014.

Mom with Their Baby - You're kidding, right? Your child still craps its pants and asks for more apple juice by shouting "GLABABALA!" Why are you going trick-or-treating with your child? It can't carry a candy bucket. It can't knock on the door. It can't say "TRICK OR TREAT". It can't even eat the candy you came begging for! It seems like all mom and baby duos involve cute animals (cats, dogs, bees, ladybugs) or flowers. Just be honest moms - you're doing it for the attention. "LOOK AT ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL BABY! LOOK!"

Clown - This needs no explanation. Moving on.

Sexy Nurse - There's nothing sexy about someone whom wants to stab you with needles, draw blood, take a stool sample or administer aspirin. Much less... when is the last time you saw a professional nurse walking around with her boobs heaving out her top? The whole "Sexy ____" costume concept has been overused beyond oblivion, with the Sexy Nurse being the lead culprit.

Overweight Super Heroes - You don't look great as a pudgy Wolverine or Deadpool. You just look like an ass. No one likes you for your costume - you're simply the butt of a joke. As unrealistic as comics are, the vast majority of superhero characters are physically fit. Either commit to the character, or stay at home. Otherwise, you're a distraction. I'm not fat shaming you... I just have the decency to be honest with you.

"Heath Ledger" Joker - I think we've all seen enough of this version of the Joker, have we not? Let's put it to rest... right next to Mr. Ledger's corpse. If you simply must dress up as the Joker, try putting some originality into the design. The Heath Ledger Joker has BEEN DONE TO DEATH.


  1. I am tired of people saying that I am fat shaming someone. I cringe when I see someone dressed like that. I feel that I need to tell them that they look foolish, and when I do, I get yelled at.

  2. The heath ledger joker was awesome

  3. Hey Tim don't blame you