Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Post Office Doesn't Suck.

Why are people so quick to curse and slander the United States Postal Service? Often times, we hear "the Post Office sucks" or "the Post Office is slow". How often have we heard that the Post Office "lost my mail"?

In my opinion, far too often.

The United States Postal Service is the backbone of American life, just as it has been for hundreds of years. Benjamin Franklin headed the first incarnation of the Postal Service after the Second Continental Congress. The Pony Express insured delivery as America expanded west. Every step of the way, the Postal Service has been there with us. They've delivered our packages, greeting cards and letters for HUNDREDS of years. I know of no other American business that can make a similar claim.

Each and every day, the Post Office delivers nearly 434 MILLION items.

In 2013 alone, they moved 158.4 BILLION letters and packages.

Step back and think about this for a moment. Out of all those BILLIONS of packages they deliver, you want to get upset about the rare piece that gets lost? Do you really expect perfect efficiency with BILLIONS of items being moved all across the globe?

If so, you're a nitwit.

Another common misconception is that our tax dollars support the US Postal Service. BZZZZZZZT! Wrong again. The Post Office is a constitutionally-mandated independent organization. It only operates upon the revenue it generates.

The US Postal Service is a valuable organization that keeps America operating. Much like the circulatory system of the human body, the Post Office moves vital information, supplies and valuable objects all around the world. Without it, our nation would shut down. Think about life without the Post Office. The world as we know it would face constant gridlock. The next time you want to curse the day the Post Office ever started operations, take a moment and reconsider how valuable of a service it is. For the mere cost of a postage stamp, you can send a letter thousands of miles away. That's a good, cost-effective service as far as I'm concerned.

Think about what the Post Office has done for you each and every day... and be thankful.

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